For the Love of Sugar…



So, you like Sugar Huh? Liking Sugar also means you enjoy Diabetes, Yeast, Insomnia, Arthritis, Cancer, Inflammation etc. The health care professionals has made mention that it is fine to eat sugar as long as it is in moderation. They (health care professionals) also mentioned that your body turns all food to glucose regardless of the kind of food eaten, so whether you eat sugar, veggies, or steak is irrelevant. REALLY?!?!!!


It is undeniable that your body alters all foods to glucose. Glucose is a sugar having several different forms, the common dextrorotatory form occurring in many fruits, having a sweetness about one half that of ordinary sugar. Nonetheless, there is an important difference between sugar and those other foods, meats, fruits, and vegetables all have vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Sugar carries none of those kind of things to help absorb and digest. As a repercussion, metabolizing refined sugar puts the body at a severe nutritional disadvantage.



A Nutritional disadvantage and health deficiency, including ranked #1 disease killer in America is Cancer. Sugar feeds every cell in our bodies, even cancer cells. Researchers has discovered that eating sugar does not consequently spark to cancer. It’s what sugar does to your waistline that can lead to cancer. “Your body’s cells use sugar to keep your vital organs functioning,” says Clare McKindley, clinical dietitian at MD Anderson’s Cancer Prevention Center. “But too much daily sugar can cause weight gain. And, unhealthy weight gain and a lack of exercise can increase your cancer risks.” This is why it’s so important to read food labels and look for “Hidden Sugars.” Your first clue that a product is high in sugar is if the word “sugar” is listed as the first ingredient. Beware, though. Some sugary foods don’t include “sugar” on the ingredient list. That’s because sugar is often disguised under different names such as: Fructose (natural sugar from fruits), lactose (natural sugar from milk), sucrose (made from fructose and glucose), maltose (sugar made from grain), glucose (simple sugar, product of photosynthesis), dextrose (form of glucose). Natural sugars, like molasses, agave, nectar, honey and maple syrup, carry antioxidants that protect your body from cancer.


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Another top nutritional disadvantages is Diabetes. Consuming an excessive amount of sugar will eventually bring about diabetes, type diabetes to be exact. Diabetes is a disease when your body is unable to process the sugar in the blood also known as hyperglycemia (lofty sugar levels in the blood) which can lead to all kinds of illnesses and heart attacks. Diabetes can be caused by the body unable to produce sufficient amounts of insulin (imperative for cells to take in glucose) or you’re taking ample amounts of sugar that your body can’t process enough glucose in your blood.


Arthritis is a serious health deficiency. Sugary food choices may be contributing to the extra pounds stressing your joints and causing pain (arthralgia). Additionally, if you have been diagnosed with gouty arthritis, sugary foods high in purines such as bacon, liver, turkey, or even alcohol may cause a flare up or reactive arthritis (due  to an infection from bacteria in contaminated food). Arthritis is a general term used to describe more than 100 medical conditions with a common theme: They all affect the areas of our bodies where two or more bones meet, known as the joints. A high population found a definite link between the kinds of food they ate (carbohydrates in breads, pastries and more, fatty foods), as well as type of drinks (alcohol, sugary drinks, others) with increased flares of their arthritic or accompanying body symptoms. Some have noticed an improvement (decrease in arthritic symptom flares or occurrences) when consuming a more nutritious and well balanced diet (oily fish such as salmon that contain omega 3 fatty acids, as well as a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains), in addition to drinking healthier beverages such as alkaline water or other non-alcoholic or low-sugar drinks.



Renix Graham

“Water is the only drink for a wise man.” – David Henry Thoreau

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The RED Edition of Red Bull

ImageI  was driving through Los Angeles on Highway 101 South towards Hollywood. On my way to music rehearsal. I took the Vine Street exit in Hollywood headed southbound. I was passing the historic Capitol Records, all of the famous stars on the sidewalk was passing as I drove by the famous Hollywood Boulevard. As I continued down Vine Street, I passed the intersection of Vine & Sunset Boulevard. As I approach the stop light, I took a glance at this tower that was renovated and rebuild. To my understanding, I believe the ‘House of Blues’ corporate office were authorized to lease this building. The business has relocated nearly three years ago. While waiting for the traffic light to turn green, I saw this gigantic mega sign advertising this image of a can of Red Bull “The RED Edition”, the all new cranberry flavor.

“Energy Drink” was labeled at the bottom of the can along with a statement below “Vitalizes body and mind.” When I saw the sign, I thought to myself, The ‘Red Bull’ company is making millions & millions of dollars over stimulating people’s bodies and mind. The community is depending more and more on fictitious oxidizing liquid for consumption purposes to feel more energized. The beverage does not allow the body to operate on it’s own prevalent energy. That itself is VERY unhealthy in addition to it’s strong oxidizing potential. It is dangerous to take it if you do not engage in physical exercise afterwards, since it’s energizing function accelerates the heart rate and can cause a sudden attack. You can run the risk of undergoing a cerebral hemorrhage, because Red Bull contains components that dilute the blood so that the heart utilizes less energy to pump the blood, and thus be able to deliver physical force with less effort being exerted.

Those who are health wise wouldn’t fall for such enticing advertising images like Red Bull and any other energy beverage. It is FAKE, damaging to your health and very abominable for the heart. Don’t be fooled by False Advertisement.

 -Renix Graham

“Water is the only drink for a wise man.” -David Henry Thoreau

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Lake Baikal of Siberia


This beautiful picture you see is Lake Baikal during the winter season in 22 degree weather. It gets very cold where Lake Baikal is located. Just cold enough to turn the entire lake into one Hugh region of frozen ice. Lake Baikal is one of the world’s most famous lakes. Because of the weather being so cold, most people wouldn’t choose to visit the Lake, nor take a vacation near the Lake. Every once in a while explorers would go on a voyage to walk across the icy Lake Baikal. But you’ll never see tourist there. Lake Baikal is located in the country of Siberia, a territory that takes up more than 75% of Russia’s absolute land mass. Lake Baikal holds a massive amount of water, approximately 20% of all the liquid freshwater reserves on earth, more than any other freshwater lake on the planet! If there were no more water in Lake Baikal, it would take all of the Great Lakes to refill it again.



Lake Baikal is also the world’s deepest lake, reaching a distance of a mile below the surface. It sits cupped by three separate tectonic plates that intersect, creating minor earthquakes in the surrounding territory every few hours. The lake’s remarkable qualities have made it home to some uniques animal species, such as the largest flatworm on earth, which can mature to almost 16 inches long, and hunts fish for food. Lake Baikal is also home to one of the world’s few freshwater seal species named Nerpa. Lake Baikal is especially crystal clear. If you look into the icy Lake, you would be able to see 130 feet beneath the surface.The lake’s remarkable clarity is partially attributed to it’s massive population of a small crayfish which feasts upon algae and other particulates in the water that would lower visibility.


In the country of Siberia, Lake Baikal is freezing all year round from high 60s to the low 20s fahrenheit. Because of its size and depth, the entire lake is frozen for over five months. The water usually remains at least somewhat shown till January, long after the rest of the region has frosted. When it finally does freeze, the layer of ice is so thick that the Siberian Transit Railways briefly ran across it.  For centuries Lake Baikal has been marveled as one of the most famous lakes in the world and today more people are understanding that Lake Baikal is an awesome aspect of God’s great creation. 


The “Courtesy” bottle of Dasani water

Last week April 10th, I needed to take care of some business transactions at my bank of Wells Fargo. One of the bank representatives kindly opened the door for me as I walked inside of the bank. I was greeted by a lot of Wells Fargo Employees. They were very nice people with great customer service, as expected. I waited in line. As I waited in line, I was paying attention to all of the customers. After the banker handed them their receipts and cash, they were given these plastic see through bottles. According to my assumption, it appeared like Dasani branded water bottles. I’ve reached the front of the line. “Open over here.” said one of the bank tellers. The teller and I conversed a little bit while taking care of business. “Thank Mr. Graham for continuing your business with us for the past 7 years. Is there anything else I can help you with Mr. Graham?” asked the teller. I replied. “No Thank You.” “Ok, would you like some water, soda or coffee as a courtesy beverage to take with you Mr. Graham?” asked the teller. I answered “Water would be fine.” The teller reaches under the counter for the bottle I expected for it to be, Dasani. It was just what I expected. So I informed the teller, “I’m may not drink this but I will take this home to test this Dasani water.” The face of the teller looked sort of puzzled and skeptical. Other bank tellers heard what I said. My bank teller replied, “Well, what do you mean test it. To see weather it’s healthy or not?” I said, “Yes.” Four other bankers crowded around the banker who was working with me. One of them requested “Come back and show us. We would like to see if the water is healthy or unhealthy.”

 So an hour later I returned back to Wells Fargo with the bottle of Dasani water and a small cylinder shape tube that contains pH testing liquid. I poured the Dasani water in a glass cup, dripped four drops of pH test liquid in the water. The bank tellers were shocked of how unhealthy the Dasani water was. I wasn’t trying to make them feel bad but I reminded them of the kind of oxidizing water you’re passing out to your Wells Fargo valued customers. I spent some time  explaining to the Entire Wells Fargo staff the difference between Alkaline water and Acidic water by using the water color chart.

Acidic = Unhealthy   Alkaline = Healthy






The senior manager said, “We must work out a way to serve our customers more healthy alkaline water.” I agreed. I thought it would be wise to serve your customers with healthy alkaline water. That’ll keep them alive a bit longer as Wells Fargo receives continuous customer support. Ladies & Gentlemen, I would admonish you to leave Dasani alone.


 – Renix Graham
“Water is the only drink for a wise man.” -David Henry Thoreau
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What type of chemicals are in Tap Water? Part 2. I your drinking water toxic?

When you take a shower or even pour yourself a glass of tap water, you now become apart of the 100 million Americans exposing yourself to carcinogenic, known as toxic trash. It has been documented by Environmental Working Group (EWG) that all the systems had water polluted with chemicals called trihalomethanes, chemicals caused when chlorine, used as a disinfectant mingles with rotting organic matter such as farm runoff or sewage.


Our city has just approved another chemical to be added to our daily source of tap water. It is called Methanol. Methanol is a colorless liquid that may explode when exposed to an open flame. It occurs naturally in wood and in volcanic gases. Methanol is also a product of decaying organic material. It is produced in large amounts by thirteen companies in the United States. The U.S. demand for methanol is likely to increase over the next several years. Methanol evaporates when exposed to air. It dissolves completely when mixed with water. Once in air, it breaks down to other chemicals. Microorganisms that live in water and in soil can also break down methanol. Because it is a liquid that does not bind well to soil, methanol that makes it’s way into the ground can move through the ground and enter groundwater.  


Effects of methanol on human health and the environment depend on how much methanol is present and the length and frequency of exposure. Effects also depend on the health of a person or the condition of the environment when exposure occurs. People have died as a result of drinking large amounts of methanol. Drinking smaller, non lethal amounts of methanol adversely affects the human nervous system. Effects range from headaches to incoordination similar to that associated with drunkenness. Delayed effects such as severe abdominal, leg, and back pain can follow the insobriety effects of methanol. Loss of vision and even blindness can also occur after exposure to amounts of methanol causing inebriation. These effects are not likely to occur at levels of methanol that are normally found in the environment. 


So… Is your drinking water Toxic?

YES, if it comes from your tap, in a bottle, or from reverse osmosis, because that water is acidic. Your body needs pure clean alkaline water. 


“Water is the only drink for a wise man.” – David Henry Thoreau


– Renix Graham

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What is life without water?

ImageWithout water; there wouldn’t be any sea animals in existence. The plants will not survive without water neither. Every person on the face of this Earth would die. Water is needed to drink. If the plants die, we will have nothing to eat and nothing would live. Our Earth will appear like the Egyptian desert. All of our trees would die and if our trees die, there would be a lack of oxygen. Without our water (ocean), no trees, no plants, this Earth would over heat and become one of the hottest planets in the solar system just like Venus (known as the hottest planet in the Solar system.) Temperatures reaching 850 degrees and higher. 


We must not take our polluted oceans for granted nor lightly by dumping trash into the ocean. Our sea creatures are dying daily. The UN Environment Program has measured about one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals every year are killed by plastic debris, plastic bags, drug syringes, cigarette lighters, toothbrushes etc.  We need our ocean. There is no us without our ocean which is our main source of water.

“Water is the only drink for a wise man.” -David Henry Thoreau

-Renix Graham




I could’ve been apart of the 13. Say NO to energy drinks.

I went over to 7 Eleven to pick up a 5 – Hour Energy shot. I needed energy for the lack of sleep. After leaving the store, I went over to ‘Jack in the Box’ for a Breakfast Jack meal, that was even worse. I went on to school. While I was in class, I broke out in a sweat, sweating in the palms of my hands. I was slightly having convulsions. I was shaking, heart racing and pumping even harder than normal, as though my heart was going to explode. The feeling I was dealing with was highly uncomfortable.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I had to dismiss myself out of the classroom. I didn’t want to cause no episode or gain any attention. So I gathered my things, put them inside my backpack and left. As I walked down the sidewalk, heart pounding harder and harder, shortness of breath, I dialed 911 just incase on my cell phone. With my finger near the Send (call button), I felt my adrenaline began to slow down. The energy shot was slowly wearing off of me. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. I thought I was really on a verge of death but thank God nothing fatal happened to me.  That day was the LAST Day I would ever take 5 hour energy shot.


ImageA good friend of mine who told me about drinking ionized alkaline water for better energy and good nights rest. Since drinking the water that replenishes my vital organs, expelling toxins of unhealthy junk foods like ‘Jack in Box’ etc,   I’ve never had to go back to drinking 5 hour energy shots, Red Bull, Monster, Noz, Full Throttle etc.

I’ve also changed my poor eating habits into healthy eating habits by eating more alkaline foods. Discovering the energy benefits within Alkaline Foods & Alkaline water were pretty impressive. I’ve made a personal commitment to myself to drink 1 gallon of alkaline water each day. Since making that commitment, I’ve felt wonderful, so much better than I did before. It’s a great feeling to me to depend on my own natural energy rather than depend on synthetic energy beverages that is abominable to my health.



 That day in particular could’ve been my final day of life. Once I’ve heard about the 13 people who died after consuming the 5 hour energy shot, I thought “I could’ve been apart of the 13.”

Here is the article link that caught me by surprise:

 “Water is the only drink for a wise man.” -David Henry Thoreau

– Renix Graham

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