What type of chemicals are in Tap Water? Part 2. I your drinking water toxic?

When you take a shower or even pour yourself a glass of tap water, you now become apart of the 100 million Americans exposing yourself to carcinogenic, known as toxic trash. It has been documented by Environmental Working Group (EWG) that all the systems had water polluted with chemicals called trihalomethanes, chemicals caused when chlorine, used as a disinfectant mingles with rotting organic matter such as farm runoff or sewage.


Our city has just approved another chemical to be added to our daily source of tap water. It is called Methanol. Methanol is a colorless liquid that may explode when exposed to an open flame. It occurs naturally in wood and in volcanic gases. Methanol is also a product of decaying organic material. It is produced in large amounts by thirteen companies in the United States. The U.S. demand for methanol is likely to increase over the next several years. Methanol evaporates when exposed to air. It dissolves completely when mixed with water. Once in air, it breaks down to other chemicals. Microorganisms that live in water and in soil can also break down methanol. Because it is a liquid that does not bind well to soil, methanol that makes it’s way into the ground can move through the ground and enter groundwater.  


Effects of methanol on human health and the environment depend on how much methanol is present and the length and frequency of exposure. Effects also depend on the health of a person or the condition of the environment when exposure occurs. People have died as a result of drinking large amounts of methanol. Drinking smaller, non lethal amounts of methanol adversely affects the human nervous system. Effects range from headaches to incoordination similar to that associated with drunkenness. Delayed effects such as severe abdominal, leg, and back pain can follow the insobriety effects of methanol. Loss of vision and even blindness can also occur after exposure to amounts of methanol causing inebriation. These effects are not likely to occur at levels of methanol that are normally found in the environment. 


So… Is your drinking water Toxic?

YES, if it comes from your tap, in a bottle, or from reverse osmosis, because that water is acidic. Your body needs pure clean alkaline water. 


“Water is the only drink for a wise man.” – David Henry Thoreau


– Renix Graham

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