The “Courtesy” bottle of Dasani water

Last week April 10th, I needed to take care of some business transactions at my bank of Wells Fargo. One of the bank representatives kindly opened the door for me as I walked inside of the bank. I was greeted by a lot of Wells Fargo Employees. They were very nice people with great customer service, as expected. I waited in line. As I waited in line, I was paying attention to all of the customers. After the banker handed them their receipts and cash, they were given these plastic see through bottles. According to my assumption, it appeared like Dasani branded water bottles. I’ve reached the front of the line. “Open over here.” said one of the bank tellers. The teller and I conversed a little bit while taking care of business. “Thank Mr. Graham for continuing your business with us for the past 7 years. Is there anything else I can help you with Mr. Graham?” asked the teller. I replied. “No Thank You.” “Ok, would you like some water, soda or coffee as a courtesy beverage to take with you Mr. Graham?” asked the teller. I answered “Water would be fine.” The teller reaches under the counter for the bottle I expected for it to be, Dasani. It was just what I expected. So I informed the teller, “I’m may not drink this but I will take this home to test this Dasani water.” The face of the teller looked sort of puzzled and skeptical. Other bank tellers heard what I said. My bank teller replied, “Well, what do you mean test it. To see weather it’s healthy or not?” I said, “Yes.” Four other bankers crowded around the banker who was working with me. One of them requested “Come back and show us. We would like to see if the water is healthy or unhealthy.”

 So an hour later I returned back to Wells Fargo with the bottle of Dasani water and a small cylinder shape tube that contains pH testing liquid. I poured the Dasani water in a glass cup, dripped four drops of pH test liquid in the water. The bank tellers were shocked of how unhealthy the Dasani water was. I wasn’t trying to make them feel bad but I reminded them of the kind of oxidizing water you’re passing out to your Wells Fargo valued customers. I spent some time  explaining to the Entire Wells Fargo staff the difference between Alkaline water and Acidic water by using the water color chart.

Acidic = Unhealthy   Alkaline = Healthy






The senior manager said, “We must work out a way to serve our customers more healthy alkaline water.” I agreed. I thought it would be wise to serve your customers with healthy alkaline water. That’ll keep them alive a bit longer as Wells Fargo receives continuous customer support. Ladies & Gentlemen, I would admonish you to leave Dasani alone.


 – Renix Graham
“Water is the only drink for a wise man.” -David Henry Thoreau
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3 thoughts on “The “Courtesy” bottle of Dasani water

    • Dasani water adds a new twist to your drinking water experience. Well, Alkaline water brings a much more Healthier twist and provides Alkalinity to your body. Alkaline “Kangen” water bring Anit-Oxidation, other than Dasani that brings Oxidation.

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