Lake Baikal of Siberia


This beautiful picture you see is Lake Baikal during the winter season in 22 degree weather. It gets very cold where Lake Baikal is located. Just cold enough to turn the entire lake into one Hugh region of frozen ice. Lake Baikal is one of the world’s most famous lakes. Because of the weather being so cold, most people wouldn’t choose to visit the Lake, nor take a vacation near the Lake. Every once in a while explorers would go on a voyage to walk across the icy Lake Baikal. But you’ll never see tourist there. Lake Baikal is located in the country of Siberia, a territory that takes up more than 75% of Russia’s absolute land mass. Lake Baikal holds a massive amount of water, approximately 20% of all the liquid freshwater reserves on earth, more than any other freshwater lake on the planet! If there were no more water in Lake Baikal, it would take all of the Great Lakes to refill it again.



Lake Baikal is also the world’s deepest lake, reaching a distance of a mile below the surface. It sits cupped by three separate tectonic plates that intersect, creating minor earthquakes in the surrounding territory every few hours. The lake’s remarkable qualities have made it home to some uniques animal species, such as the largest flatworm on earth, which can mature to almost 16 inches long, and hunts fish for food. Lake Baikal is also home to one of the world’s few freshwater seal species named Nerpa. Lake Baikal is especially crystal clear. If you look into the icy Lake, you would be able to see 130 feet beneath the surface.The lake’s remarkable clarity is partially attributed to it’s massive population of a small crayfish which feasts upon algae and other particulates in the water that would lower visibility.


In the country of Siberia, Lake Baikal is freezing all year round from high 60s to the low 20s fahrenheit. Because of its size and depth, the entire lake is frozen for over five months. The water usually remains at least somewhat shown till January, long after the rest of the region has frosted. When it finally does freeze, the layer of ice is so thick that the Siberian Transit Railways briefly ran across it.  For centuries Lake Baikal has been marveled as one of the most famous lakes in the world and today more people are understanding that Lake Baikal is an awesome aspect of God’s great creation. 


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