My Conviction of drinking Evian Water

On a Friday afternoon my wife and I were at the Los Angeles International Airport (aka LAX), on our way to visiting Dallas, Tx. We got our tickets printed out, we went through security point at TSA and headed for our designated terminal. I began to get very thirsty and I’ve realized I didn’t have my gallon of alkaline (Kangen) water. There was no way for me to even get pass TSA with my Gallon of alkaline water, it’s way too Large to take with me on the jet. I was personally bummed that I didn’t have it with me. My body has became immune to drinking alkaline water. I would drinking 1-2 gallons of alkaline water daily & faithfully. I was disappointment yet thirsty for water. Not thirsty just for any kind of water because all waters are not created equal, I wanted my alkaline water. I decided to go to one of the airport shops where all the items cost an arm, leg, foot and toe nail. I looked inside their retail storage refrigerator to find the proper water for me to drink. I saw Dasani water, I didn’t want that. I saw Fiji water, I didn’t want it. I ran across Perrier water, I didn’t want that either nor Aquafina, No Thanks.  I saw Evian water. I’ve heard all of the raving hype about rich people & celebrities drinking Evian. 5 star restaurants even serve Evian in a nice clear glass wine looking bottle. Evian is known as the next best thing. Blah Blah Blah!!! Evian’s pH level stands at a 7.6 pH (it’s considered at neutral level, if it was a school grade it would be a C) with an ORP reading of +350 (NOT GOOD!) Positive numbers means Oxidation and Oxidation consorts rusting, dehydration and aging. My body was craving Evian badly, my heart and soul suggested alkaline water but by any means necessary if you’re parched, DRINK! DON’T THRIST TO DEATH. LOL


ImageOne of many reasons why I don’t bother drinking other bottled water such as Evian; the age/time of the “drinking” water sits between nine months to a year old. Evian water comes from the country of France. After the drinking water has been inserted into the bottles, they’re labeled and packaged up and stored inside a metal storage container for 3 to 4 months until the next ship comes to pick it up. Also keep into consideration, the sun radiates all day upon these storage containers. The interior temperatures are nearly equivalent to a hot roasted oven. All of the bottled waters inside the containers are hot all throughout the day and even the night time. Once the ship comes to pick up the next load of Evian Water, it takes a month to sail oversees. The speed capability of a cargo ship is absolutely no where equivalent to a commercial cruise ship. Due to the cargo ship’s weight capacity of transporting precious cargo, it is important for the captain (driver) to maintain exceptionally slow speed for safety precaution. Five months has passed and by that time, the plastic bottle material has discharged deposits of BPA chemicals within the Evian water. Over the course of five months the Evian water has adjusted to many temperature levels ever since leaving the factory in France. Once the ship arrives to the ports of the U.S., the Evian water is placed in another hot metal like storage container for 4 months until the next food distribution company decides to pick it up and deliver it to 7 Eleven, Rite Aid, Ralph’s, Albertson’s or Vons etc. The Evian water finally reaches it’s destination, THE STORE! Until the next customer decides to purchase that particular bottle of Evian water, it will just sit and remain there. Once a customer purchases a bottle of Evian water and drinks it, they’re thinking “AAHHHHH, THERE’S NOTHING LIKE THE REFRESHING TASTE OF COLD EVIAN WATER!” Blinded by the deceptive marketing images on those cold bottles of water and don’t even have a clue about the truth behind them. Just because bottled water is Freezing cold doesn’t always mean their fresh.


And that is the reason why I felt convicted drinking “Fresh, Rich, Celebrity People” type of water called Evian. 

-Renix L. Graham, III 

“Water is the only drink for a wise man.” – Henry David Thoreau

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