Eat like you mean it.

ImageMy wife and I were having a brief discussion over a phrase that was printed on a brown paper bag by Carl’s Jr. entitled “Eat like you Mean It.” The phrase conveyed many connotations. 


When I see this photo of a bag from a fast food restaurant, first thing that comes to my mind is; Fat, High Cholesterol, Grease, Higher Calories, Gained Weight etc. **In my opinion** The phrase “Eat like you mean it”, It stems from a psychological and emotional stand point. The synonym for the word ‘Mean’ is intend, purpose, suppose, meditate, consider etc. One of many reasons why customers purchase fast-food from Carl’s Jr. is because they’re hungry, of course. Oh the joys of fast-food convenience. You don’t have to get out of your car. You could stay in your vehicle and approach the drive thru (95% of what people do out of laziness without walking to the restaurant lobby to make the order). Food is already cooked, deep fried and prepared just before you make your particular order. Just when you know it, you’re “Eating Like You Mean It.” As hungry customers wait in line weather it’s the drive thru or in the lobby area, the word Fat, High Cholesterol, Grease, Higher Calories, Gained Weight etc. would be considered irrelevant at the very moment and time. Their primary focus is to consume that Famous Star with cheese with Onion Rings on the side and Coke to drink with a purpose (Meaning). 


The country with the longest living lifespan is Japan as #1, Canada as #11, the United States of America is #38. If we were to use a balance scale, {“Eat Like You Mean It” Consuming anything while lacking nutritional dietary apprehension}  Outweighs  {Eat Like You Mean It with the knowledge of what’s being deposited into your body AND healthier eating options}. Eating fast food crap (It’s not even Food to begin with) is the breeding ground for all types of illnesses and diseases. Customers have no clue of who’s hands are preparing their fast-food meals as they anxiously wait in the drive thru with an impatient attitude. Burger patties fall on the ground by accident, picked back up and placed on the hamburger bun before being wrapped and served to the customers. Inconsiderate employees dig within their nostrils without washing their hands as they continue to dice the tomatoes, onions and lettuce. Only God knows what other places they dig into to satisfy their itch. Point being, Germs are Transferable!!!


Don’t wait till it’s too late to start eating curable organic fruits and vegetables. The unhealthy trend has always been repeated for generations; People eat whatever they want “Like they mean it” and once they’re in bad health condition, now they strongly desire to eat healthier organic foods to become healed. Make the wiser choice for your health and “Eat like you mean it.”

– Renix Graham, III

“Water is the only drink for a wise man.” – Henry David Thoreau

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