India’s filthy tap water


A couple of weeks ago my friend Trent and I were having good long dialog about the country of India being the 2nd worst country in the world when it comes to bad water. India’s water is SO bad, when you run the tap water into your cup, visible particle deposits of dirt and heavy sediments enters into the cup including a horrible odor in the water. When you look into your glass cup of filthy water, you can not see through your glass cup. You may as well go outside of your house and find the nearest dirty river, creek, pond or lake and drink out of that because it wouldn’t make a difference when it comes to India’s water. Manufactured Filtration systems would end up corroded, clogged up and no good within minutes of flowing water. I’ve ran across an article about a city called Andheri. Just a few miles north of Mumbai, India. Andheri is one of the major cities dealing with the most dirties city waters in the world. Check it out! 


P.S. My buddy Trent and I are working on solutions on how we can help distribute good clean water to the country of India. I will keep you in the loop on some exciting plans to come in the near future. Stay Tuned!

Here is the link to the article:
– Renix Graham, III
“Water is the only drink for a wise man.” -Henry David Throeau
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