Bio: I was born and raised in San Diego, Ca in 1982. Growing up, I was surrounded by nothing but amazing musical talent. My entire family were involved in music.I was raised in church by my parents. My father Renix, Jr. performed the Hammond Organ and the piano sometimes as well. My mother Corletta Graham was a choir director and sung in various capacities in the church. I've watched my parents closely, especially my father who played the Piano & Organ. I valued their leadership and musical guidance. I was inspired to play the Organ. On some Sunday nights, I would go with my dad to watch him play. One moment in time, my dad heard me play the piano in the living-room. My Dad asked if I was interested in learning how to play the piano. I was SUPER excited to learn and that was when he took me under his wing to learn how to play the piano in 1996. Ever since then, my musical craft took off. I've started playing out on my own, doing some traveling here and there. The musical ride has been wonderful.I still play the Organ & Piano today. Music is fine and great but I realize that there is more in life for me to do. I wanted to start a water business. Not just any water business but healthy Alkaline Water Business. Once again, my family with great talent and skillful was wonderful but destitute in health. I've realized there is a need in my family. I've currently lost two great loving uncles who played vital roles in our family. Both of my uncles succumbed to deficient health within one year of each other. This tragic position has raised awareness for me to immediately share the Alkaline 'Kangen' Water with my family and others dealing with health concerns. Today, I am not only a musician but an Independent Distributor for a company called Enagic. My job is to share and educate the community about the health benefits of Kangen Water. 'Change your water... Change your Life'

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